Sunday, April 17, 2011


 Finally I'm done with MUET.
I'm really really really happy that I've got a second chance to do the speaking test. =D
And you know what???
I'm not the only who missed it. There was another person.
I found my gang!!! hehe
She is my senior.
I think our topic on that day wasn't that hard compared to the one that I supposed to do.
Yesterday I sat for three papers.
 Reading,Writing and Listening.
Reading was really hard. Even harder than the one in EPT.
I thought that I was going to puke reading all the articles.
It was so long and urgh!! I don't even have enough time to answer everything.
However, it is OVER now and I feel better.
Today, I have finished with the BTQ paper for mid sem examination.
There's only a few questions. not much. because the carry mark is only 20%.
but there's one question that was really tricky, I guess.
and Today, for the first time since I'm here I asked the lecturer in the exam hall what the question really want.
I heard many students asked for the same question. Then I just try my luck. who knows maybe I'll get a clue.
I think I got the answer then. Thanks to the lecturer :)
Now I'm free like a bird. haha
Just one more paper to go.
then I'm going home!!